Amul Franchise Cost in India: How Much They Are Offering in 2022

If you want to start an Amul franchise and are eager to find out the franchise cost of Amul, first you should know whether it is good for you or not.

You won’t see a single home in India (even in the world ) starting its day without milk. Milk is the essential object for starting a day for each person.

Many milky products are being used every day by millions and billions of people, and there are many manufacturers of milky and dairy products.

In the corona pandemic, almost all businesses were shut down by the government voluntarily, but milk and some other products like vegetable business could not be stopped, and they can never be.

Because these are the mandatory objects for the survival of humans and that is why businesses related to these objects are always recession-proof and failure-proof.

In this article, we are exploring all the details about the Amul franchise. Amul is the world-famous brand for dairy and milky products, and according to the stats I just mentioned, there is not a single risk to starting an Amul franchise business.

If you are going through this article, it indicates that you are interested in starting an Amul franchise business and looking for the up-to-end details.

And it is a very good habit because you must have all the details about Amul’s business before you invest your valuable money, time, energy, and effort to run the business of Amul’s dealership.

This article will provide you the ease of deciding by covering the details:

  • Amul Business Details
  • Amul Franchise Cost
  • How to get Amul Franchise
  • A profit margin of the franchise of Amul
  • Types of Franchise for Amul
  • Benefits of Business of Amul Outlet
  • Documents Required

What is The Amul Franchise Cost in India?

If you are in a hurry, and just want to have an idea about the franchise cost of Amul in India, so here is your answer!

  • Amul Preferred Outlet: Rs. 5 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs Approx
  • Amul Ice Cream Scooping Parlor: Rs. 10 Lakhs to 11 Lakhs Approx

If you want the full information about the Amul franchise business and all other details about the Amul business, you can continue reading further.

Amul Business: Overview

Amul’s business is 75 years old, established in 1949 by Dr. Kurien and Govardhan Patel to improve the condition of farmers of India.

Dr. Kurien is called the Milkman of India as well, he started Kheda District Co-operative Milk Products’ Union Limited by combining two villages in 1949.

He is the first person in the world who produced the powder from the milk of buffalo, before that time, the world was using cow’s milk to do so.

Turnover of Amul

As of today, the total turnover of Amul is 52,000 crores rupees, and it is the 9th largest and biggest milk production company in the world.

Amul deals in many products like milk, bread, cheese, ghee, paneer, yogurt, beverages, ice creams, milk powder, chocolates, and many more products.

Benefits of Taking Amul Franchise Business

Again, if you are about to run a third-party business, then you must get some benefits because by running their business, you will be generating more and more benefits for them.

So, before you start Amul’s franchise business, let’s go through the benefits that you are going to get.

Reputed Brand Name

Amul is a very reputed company that has been running for more than the last seven decades and it has earned its reputation by providing constant service and quality.

By acquiring the franchise of Amul’s business, you are going to associate with the Amul brand which is the biggest benefit.

If you start your own business and build your brand like Amul, you will have to take many years, maybe it could be in decades in place of years.

No Royalty and No Profit Sharing

You might have also gone through the other franchise models, like KFC Franchise Model and Pizza Hut Franchise Business, they are taking the royalty fees and marketing or advertising fees from the franchisee.

But Amul is one of those franchisors who don’t take any royalty fee from the franchise, like the Patanjali franchise business.

So, if you acquire Amul’s dealership business, the profit that you earn will be yours only, you will not have to share it with the company.

Quality Offering

As I mentioned just above, Amul is older by more than seven decades and still ruling the milk industry.

So, it is proved that it is providing very high-quality products so that the customer flow is maintained in a very proper manner.

Supply of Wide Range Products

You will be the owner of the business which holds a very wide range of products because Amul is offering almost all the dairy products to franchisees.

Now, there is a logical concept that if a customer is about to get all his required product in one place, he will always come there for each related requirement.

If you want another example of this concept, you can refer to the Dmart business model, Dmart is a business whose each store is profitable.

What do you think about the reason behind it?

The reason is that Dmart makes every home appliance available in one place, so customers get the ease of availability of their products and that is why they recommend and prefer to go to Dmart for their appliances.

Similarly, Amul enables you to avail all the demanded dairy products in your store so you can make permanent and loyal customers.

Subsidy on all Equipment and Addition Purchase Discounts

There should be very rare franchisors who offer a subsidy on the purchase of equipment and offer an additional discount on the purchase of products.

These two discounts increase your profit margin which you get from the customers, and that is why you are always profitable while running the business with the franchise of Amul.

Large Customer Base With High Demand Products

Being one of the oldest dairy products companies in India, Amul already has a very large customer base, which will be transferred to you if you get Amul Franchise business.

Moreover, the demand for Amul’s products is always high, and if you start Amul’s franchise outlet, there are many possibilities to get your sales started from the first day.

Easy Operation System

The operation system of Amul is very easy, and it saves you time and avoids complications as well.

Amul believes to provide ease of operation to the franchise so that he can run the business smoothly and can produce more profit with sales.

Reasonable Investment

Whereas the other franchises are charging more than one crore rupees, and some franchises are charging more than 15 lakhs rupees for offering the franchise businesses, Amul is offering you between 5 lakhs to 11 lakhs rupees only.

Store Setup Support

As the other franchise businesses offer the store setup, Amul is not excluded from them, yes, Amul provides you assistance to set up your Amul store at your location.

Brand Advertising Support

Moreover, Amul is providing you the advertisement support as well, so that you can increase your sales and make more profit day by day.

These are the benefits that you are going to get while acquiring the franchise of Amul’s business which are more than enough.

Types of Amul’s Franchise

Amul is operating its franchise business model in two types.

  • Amul Preferred Outlet
  • Amul Ice-Cream Scooping Parlor

Amul Preferred Outlet

Amul preferred outlet is also known as the Amul Railway Parlor or Amul Railway Kiosk in which you can sell all the company products.

You can open this type of Amul outlet in the railway stations, bus stations, and markets.

Amul Ice-Cream Scooping Parlor

In this type of Amul franchise business, you can sell shakes, pizza, sandwiches, and burgers along with Amul ice cream & and other products of Amul parlor.

Amul Ice cream scooping parlor requires more investment and you can open this franchise of Amul in any marketplace.

Document Requirement to Open Amul Outlet

You need to submit some essential documents to have the Amul business of franchise as below mentioned:

  • Personal Identification Documents
    • Adhar card/Driving License/Voter Id/Passbook
  • Financial Proofs
    • PAN Card
    • Bank Account Details
    • Cancel Cheque
  • Document of Premises (Own or Rented)
    • Registry/Conveyance deed/Electricity Bill/Landline Phone Bill/
    • Rent Agreement/Lease Agreement
  • FSSAI Registration
  • No Objection Certification of Commercial Premises
  • Personnel Photographs, Shop Photographs, Phone Number

Amul Franchise Cost and Requirements

As we just knew Amul is operating the franchise business model with two different types, so there are different investments and requirements for both types of franchises.

Amul Preferred Outlet

To open an Amul Preferred Outlet, you need a space of 100 sq ft to 150 sq ft in a prominent location with a good footfall.

You can open this store in a railway station, bus station, or market space, and you need one helper or cleaner with you and an electric backup.

Talking about the investment for Amul’s preferred outlet, the company is not charging any royalty fee or profit-sharing, you will have to invest Rs 5 lakhs to 6 lakhs rupees to buy this franchise model of Amul.

Refundable Brand Security FeesRs. 25,000/-
Shop Setup/RenovationRs 1,00,000/- Approx
EquipmentRs. 70,000/- Approx
Electricity BackupRs. 50,000/- Approx
Working CapitalRs. 2 Lakhs to 3 Lakhs Approx
TotalRs. 5 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs Approx

Amul Ice Cream Scooping Parlor

To open the Amul Ice Cream Scooping Parlor franchise model, you need a space of around 300 sq ft to 500 sq ft in a prominent location.

Refundable Brand Security FeesRs. 50,000/-
Shop Setup/RenovationRs 4,00,000/- Approx
EquipmentRs. 1,50,000/- Approx
Electricity BackupRs. 50,000/- Approx
Working CapitalRs. 4 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs Approx
TotalRs. 10 Lakhs to 11 Lakhs Approx

Amul Franchise Profit Margin

This is another crucial part of the discussion of the business for which you are waiting, let’s talk about the profit margin of Amul franchise outlets.

Hence, Amul is offering you a good ratio of profit margin overall, however, each product category has a different percentage of margin of profit.

  • Pouch Milk: 2.5%
  • Milk Product: 10%
  • Ice Cream: 20%
  • Pre-Packed Ice Cream: 20%
  • Shakes, Pizza, etc: 50%
  • Other Products: 10%
FAQ Asked on Amul franchise site: Amul Franchise Cost in India

How to Get Amul Franchise

To get Amul’s Franchise outlet, you can apply online on their official website.

But, before we move ahead, one very important thing I should share with you is that appeared on Amul’s official website when you open it.

Amul's Caution

It is informing that if you want to inquire about Amul parlor, you can either visit their official website or only call on the given number, never try to go with any other sources, and it is not charging and it takes payment only on the name of GCMMF LTD in the form of a cheque or demand draft for a refundable security deposit.

After reading this notice, you will get the button “Click to continue website” and you have to click there.

Then you will get the option “B2B” and click on “Amul Parlor” under that category, and it will redirect you to the franchise page.

After landing on the franchise page, you need to click on the “Amul Franchise Business Opportunity” where you will get all the details along with the email address and contact number to apply for a franchise at the Amul outlet.

Amul business opportunities

Amul Franchise Contact Number and Email Address

To send your application via email or if you want to inquire about the Amul franchise opportunity via email or call, you can go here.

  • Email Address:
  • Contact Number: +912268526666

Final Words on Getting Amul Franchise in India

Amul is one of those franchisors who do not ask for any royalty fee or profit-sharing which is the biggest profitable point for you, and you can start this business with a very low investment.

A well-reputed business opportunity with only 5 lakhs to 6 lakhs rupees is the best deal to grab and you should not miss it.

Moreover, Amul has not set any location restrictions to open the Amul parlor for you, you just have to find a good location with good footfall to make more profit.

Many online and offline sources may claim that they can help you to get Amul’s outlet, but Amul has cleared this thing on its official website that if you want to know anything about Amul parlor or want to open an Amul store, you need to contact only and only Amul directly.

So, do not go with any other sources, otherwise, you may become a victim of a scam, and Amul will not be responsible for it.

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