10  Best Franchise Business in India With Low, Medium, and High Investment

Again, we are here with the list of franchise businesses in India that are the most profitable indeed and have a unique business model.

Before we start exploring the best franchise business in India, let me clear some important things which will clear your doubts regarding the business model of franchises in India.

There are too many myths about the franchise business that it needs very much investment, it’s a risky business, and it takes much time for ROI.

Well, it’s right, but not completely. The franchise needs high investment, but it does not apply to every franchise business model.

Certain successful businesses are offering you the franchise business at a low cost as well which means, if you are searching for low investment franchise business in India, you have many options to start your franchise business by breaking the investment barriers.

The main problem is that people are not exploring franchise business opportunities, and they limit themselves only to the knowledge which is coming to them without effort.

For example, Simon is a person who wants to start a franchise business with low investment.

He comes to know about the Mcdonald’s franchise which costs around 6 crores, which is out of his budget, and he drops the idea.

Now, he thinks that every franchise business is costly so he can not afford to do the franchise business in India.

This is happening to many people, but by reading this article, all doubts will be clear.

Because the franchise enterprise world is very huge, there are many franchises that you can start with low investment, medium investment, and large as well.

In this article, we are going to explore the 5 best franchise business models that you can start in India with profitability.

What is Franchise Business Model

Have you ever tried to figure out the reasons behind the investment of foreign businesses in India?

Well, if you haven’t yet, let me let you know that the reason is the franchise business in India.

India has a very huge market for everything, for food, jewelry, garments, groceries, beverages, and many more things.

There are many Indian businesses also offering franchise models and that’s beneficial for the Indian economy as well.

A franchise business model is the best way to expand the business in the entire country and world as well.

The franchise business model is the channel business model in which the franchisor offers the business to the franchisee.

  • The franchisor: The business or brand owner
  • Franchisee: The person whom the franchisor offers the business (Franchise outlet owner)

Franchisor offers the business to the franchisee with certain guidelines, limitations, and regulations.

These aspects are mandatory because it is supposed to maintain the same standard over the world to survive the business.

In the reward of offering the readymade business with a built brand, popularity, trustworthiness, reputation, and loyalty, the franchisor charges a certain amount to the franchisee.

Every brand has different criteria, rules, regulations, franchise costs, and franchise cost breakdowns according to their business strategies.

In short, a franchise business is the business model in which the brand offers the business to someone and it takes some amount as a franchise fee including or excluding extra costs, and the franchisee gets the ready-made brand built, reputed, and loyal business with very minimal risk with high profitability.

Why You Should Start a Franchise Business in India

Before I suggest to you profitable franchise providers, it is essential to know why you should opt for the business model of a franchise?

A franchise business is a third-party business basically, and if you are going to invest your valuable money, time, and energy in a third-party business, then you must be clear with the reason for starting that business.

There must be significant reasons addressing the advantages and profitability of the franchise outlet business for acquisition.

Luckily, there are not only a couple of reasons, in actuality, but there are also several reasons which make the franchise enterprising model very profitable for you.

Readymade Branding

If you are a businessman or investor with an ordinary mindset, you will be focusing only on increasing sales and making more and more profit.

And if you dive into the business world with a visionary mindset, you focus on building the brand, because the brand returns you the passive income after a certain duration of time.

With the franchise business, you get the ready-made branding with the franchise business which saves you very much costs for branding.

Getting Already Profitable Business

Any brand offers franchises to investors when it is in a profitable state, and that is why when you buy the franchise of any business, you get the already profitable business.

Then you just have to focus on the customers’ acquisition and increasing sales which will increase your profit day by day.

Moreover, whenever you start a new business it takes too much duration to make it profitable.

There is not any surety whether your new business will be profitable or not, and if it will become so, then when, right?

But when you adopt a franchise business model, it is already in a profitable state, then you just have to push it up.

Saving Marketing and Advertising Cost

We can not say that you are going to save the cost of marketing and advertising, because some brands are taking the marketing and advertising cost from you.

But many brands are not charging you the marketing and advertising cost, and you don’t have to do marketing and advertising.

Even if, you are paying the marketing and advertising fees to the brands, still you are in profit.

Because only money is not enough for marketing, you need brainstorming strategies, efforts, time, and energy to do this stuff.

So, there is a very big advantage of acquiring the franchise business model anywhere in India.

Best Franchise Business in India

Now, many brands are offering the franchise outlet business, but it is the responsibility of the investor to pick the best one.

You need to pick the best franchise by analyzing it in-depth, seeing its history, profitability, expansion, plans, revenue, and many more.

In this article, we have shortlisted some very best franchise businesses for you by considering all these aspects.

So, without wasting time, let’s explore the most profitable business opportunities for franchises in India.

1. Chai Sutta Bar Franchise

Chai suttabar franchisse

Chai Sutta Bar is one of the leading businesses in India, and it has proved that whatever business you do if you have great ideas for the business, you can earn millions of dollars in less than 5 years.

The franchise cost of the chai sutta bar is only 16 lakhs including all costs, and it provides you the ROI of a maximum of 16 months.

It was founded in 2016 by two partners in Indore, India, and the current revenue of the chai sutta bar business is around 100 crores.

The profit revenue is very high, and if you want to acquire the franchise of a chai sutta bar, you need to visit their official website.

There are some eligibility criteria that you have to fulfill to get the franchise of chai sutta bar, moreover, you will be provided the support and training as well after you get approval.

If you are looking for the best franchise business with low investment in India, this is the best outlet business model for you.

2. Subway Franchise

Subway is one of the most reputed brands of fast food which is spread over the world and has a very profitable business model with exponential growth year by year.

If you are having a business investment of more than 50 lakhs rupees to start the channel restaurant business, then you should opt for a subway franchise.

The franchise cost of the subway is between Rs 53,90,000/- to Rs 89.10,000/-, and the profit revenue is also like this amount.

Subway is offering you three types of franchises from which you can opt according to your requirements and conditions.

In this business model, you are not supposed to run any paid advertisement or do external marketing because the company is charging you for the same, and doing it from its end.

The subway brand is offering you the ROI of 2 to 5 years, which means, after this time, you will recover all your invested money and will become 100% profitable.

Moreover, the subway is popular for fast food and offers many foodie items on its menu, like sandwiches, signature wraps, breakfast, salads, snacks, Chhota sub, sides & drinks, and bread & toppings.

To get the subway franchise, you need to apply on the official site of the subway franchise.

3. Burger King Franchise

If you want the franchise dedicated to a particular fast food, then the burger king food franchise is the best for you.

Well, burger king makes and sells many other fast-food items, but the signature product of burger king’s burgers.

Miami-Date, Florida is the place where the head of burger king is situated, and it was founded in 1953 with the name of Insta-Burger-King which was rebranded by the name Burger King in 1954.

Again, the brand charges you for the advertising and marketing, so you are not supposed to do this stuff, you have to just focus on your business, that’s it.

Burger king also is offering you three types of franchises which you can select from them according to your choice and company rules & regulations.

The cost for a burger king franchise is around 50 lakhs rupees, and apart from this, you will have to pay 4.5% of gross sales as the advertising fee to the company.

4. Lenskart Franchise Model of Business

best franchise business in india-1

Lenskart is an eyewear business in India that was founded by Piyush Bansal in 2010.

It entered the Unicorn Startups Club in 2019, which means it crossed the startup value of $1 Billion in 2019, and the current startup value of Lenskart is $1.5 Billion.

Lenskart has an inventory business model which offers more than 5000+ frames, and more than 45 types of lenses, and it has its designers and stylists.

If you are interested in investing your money in the eyewear industry and looking for the best sources of business, Lenskart is the best one for you.

The franchise price of Lenskart is between 25 lakhs-30 lakhs and it offers you 30% of every single product sale as a profit.

Lenskart is taking enough care of customers and is not selling only expensive products.

It has all the types and all the range of eyewear so each class of audience can afford it, and that is why Lenskart has always been profitable.

Moreover, it is one of the most profitable businesses in India, so if you are thinking of acquiring the franchise of Lenskart, you just should start inquiring about the process, not worry about the profitability.

5. Domino’s Franchise Business

Again, if you want to invest your valuable money in the food restaurant chain business, the Domino’s franchise is one of the best options for you.

Domino is amongst the biggest fast-food restaurant channel businesses in the world and ranks in the second position in the fast-food industry.

If you want to acquire the Domino Franchise business, you should have 2 crores to 3 crores as an investment.

To get the franchise of Domino’s, you need to apply online through their official website of the franchise, where you will be given a form.

You need to submit the form by filling in the required details, which will be reviewed by their support team who will let you know the further process.

If you are interested in investing your money in the fast-food restaurant franchise business with high investment, Domino’s Pizza is the best for you.

Franchise Business in Without Investment in India

It seems impossible, right?

Where there are many businesses are charging millions of rupees for a small franchise, how some businesses can offer a franchise business with zero investment?

But it’s true!

There are many businesses that are offering you the opportunity to start your franchise business without spending a single rupee for a franchise, and here is the list.

1. Zerodha Franchise

  • Line of Business: Sub Broker
  • Unit / Shop Area: Not Required
  • Commission% / Revenue Sharing: 30% – 50%
  • ROI Timeframe: 1 Month
  • Infrastructure Investment: Zero Investment

2. Upskillz Franchise

  • Line of Business: E-Leanrning
  • Unit / shop Area: Work From Home
  • Commission% / Revenue Sharing: 70% – 80%
  • ROI Timeframe: 6-12 Months
  • Infrastructure Investment: Zero Investment

3. SAMCO Franchise

  • Line of Business: Sub Broker
  • Unit / Shop Area: Not Required
  • Commission% / Revenue Sharing: 30% – 50%
  • ROI Timeframe: 1 Month
  • Infrastructure Investment: Zero Investment

4. Oxi9 Essentials Franchise

  • Line of Business: Skin & Hair Treatment
  • Unit / Shop Area: 100-200 Sq. Ft.
  • Commission% / Revenue Sharing: Approx. 60%
  • ROI Timeframe: 3-6 Months
  • Infrastructure Investment: Zero Investment

5. Local Stars Franchise

  • Line of Business: Delivery Service
  • Unit / Shop Area: 60-100 Sq. Ft.
  • Commission% / Revenue Sharing: Approx. 90%
  • ROI Timeframe: 1-3 Months
  • Infrastructure Investment: Zero Investment

Final Words On The Best Franchise Business in India

Well, a franchise business is always profitable, because a company offers the franchise business only if it is profitable.

But it doesn’t need to be profitable for you as well because if you select the wrong location to start, it will not generate profit and revenue.

So, the franchises are always in profit, but it is also your responsibility to select the proper location and accomplish other aspects as well.

Talking about the best franchise depends upon your interest, investment capacity, and choice.

If you are interested in investing your money in beverages, the Chai sutta bar franchise is the best for you, and similarly, you can conclude for the other industries as well.

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