9 Best Box Truck Business Ideas – Six-Figure Income Generator

The box truck business is one of the most profitable businesses in the USA and has an overall turnover of around $732.3 Billion, and starting a box truck business is not just to provide the transportation service.

There are plenty of box truck business ideas, which means you are having too many opportunities to generate six figures of income by starting a box truck business.

Yes, you will find the competition as well, and why you don’t? If there is a huge money potential, then it’s very obvious to exist a high competition as well.

But you don’t have to worry about the competition because by reading our checklist to start a box truck business, you can beat any of your competitors very easily.

If you want to start your own truck business, it means you want to make a six-figure income per annum, and, of course, you are on the right path.

But, what are the box truck business opportunities? What kind of business can you start with a box truck? Is there only one business of multiple business opportunities with a box truck?

These are the question to which you should think to get answers to them, and fortunately, the answers are in favor of you.

So, let’s explore what are the business ideas for the box truck with which you can initiate!

Box Truck Business Ideas

First of all, let me tell you what is the box truck business, the box truck business provides loading services to individuals and companies for transportation of goods, and by providing this service, you make money.

A box truck is standing and a person is loading the goods on it.

Basically, like a box truck business owner, you load the boxes of a company whom you are providing the service and transport them to the destination location.

But, question is that after buying a box truck and establishing a trucking company, which are the segments under which you can provide your trucking service and generate a bunch of money, right?

Well, this article is dedicated to the same query and we are going to explore the business ideas for the box trucking company and how can you make money with the box truck business, so, let’s do that!

Providing The Local Moving Service

If you are in search of a box truck business opportunity that can generate more than enough money for you within less time, you should start providing a local moving service to the companies for their goods and individuals for their luggage as well.

A relocation is an event that is never going to be stopped until the real estate business exists in the world.

There is a huge demand for the relocation of goods and luggage, and that is why you can grab the business from this requirement forever.

In the business of providing the local moving service, you will need a team of laborers that can load and unload the luggage and goods of your customers.

The beneficial aspect of this trucking business idea is that if you buy a small truck, even you can run this business very smoothly because every customer does not have too much luggage.

Now, the question is whether you should target residential customers or commercial clients?

Residential V/S Commercial Moving Service

This is a very valid question about which one you should target, and that is why to analyze both first, and understand the profitability between the both.

Mostly, the residential customers are one-time customers, there are very few chances to get repeat orders from them.

Whereas, if you make a deal with the commercial client, and if he likes your service, there are plenty of chances to get the repeated order from him for a very long time.

In residential transportation service, you will get more customers, and very easily as well, but in commercial customers, you will get fewer customers, with very high competition.

But, if you get the commercial customer once, you have a full chance to make him a permanent customer as well.

Provide The Cater and Food Delivery Service

For this trucking business idea, you have to go to the root of the child business of yours i.e. cater and food delivery service businesses.

The catering business and food delivery service business are most of the most profitable businesses and that is why they can generate the profitable extra income for you.

There are many catering services which get bigger orders for their business and they need to deliver the boxes of foods in a huge quantity to their clients and that is why they must need a big vehicle.

Here you need to enter, you need to target them to provide the delivery service for food to their client using your rig truck.

There is a very big possibility to get a regular client, and if you succeed to make the regular deal by providing the best food transportation service, it will become a good and permanent source for your extra income from your box truck business.

Transportation Service For Furnish Events

Providing a moving service for the furnish events is also a very good business idea for your box truck business as there is a very huge demand for it from the furnish business owners.

You can assume the profitability of this business by the stats from the authentic sources, that the valuation of the furniture and rental market was $5.3 Billion in 2020.

The one business generates the opportunities for the other related business, and your business is directly related to the furnish event business.

So, if you are looking for a long-term business idea for your business box truck, this one can be one of the best for you, and you will need a smaller team for that as well including a medium range of investment.

There are plenty of furnish event business owners who are looking for truck transportation who can give them the best service at an affordable rate.

And, as a beginner, you are supposed to provide the same for the growth of your business until you get strong trust from the market.

Offer The Delivery Service to The Local Stores

If you are having a small truck for your box truck business, you have a very nice business opportunity, and it is providing a delivery service to the local stores.

Now, you should think that the local store owners require the fast and efficient delivery for their goods, and that is your strong point.

Another pro key of this box truck business idea is you will get a regular client who will keep giving you the regular orders, maybe every day as well.

Start a Food Truck Business

Can you assume that you can utilize your truck to generate thousands of dollars in revenue by converting it into a food truck?

Yes, it’s damn true, if your budget is not too high and you do have a small truck, you can start a food truck business.

Due to being a mobile food restaurant, you can change the location whenever you want if you don’t find the current location for your business.

You might be thinking that what if you don’t know making the food and recipes for the customers, right?

I have a perfect solution for it as well, so don’t worry.

You can hire a chef for that stuff, and can serve the tasty food to your customers without any interruption.

Offer The Storage Services

Having a large box truck, you can start a business by offering and providing storage spaces to the required people.

Now, this business is not beneficial only for you, but it will also be beneficial for the people who are moving and need a space to store their assets and belongings.

Moreover, this box truck service is not limited to only the residential customers, there are plenty of offices that need a space to store their belonging as well, you can target them as well.

Offer a Box Truck on Rent

Likely, you are looking for the best truck business ideas to start a truck business, there are many other people also wanting the same.

But it’s not possible that all of them will have investment arrangements to start a box truck business, but still, they are willing to do so.

You might be thinking that they could buy a box truck on rent as well, right?

Right, but many of them might not have even the money to pay the down payment, and in this situation, they have only one way to start their box truck business.

Yes, only one way, and it is to take a box truck on rent until they buy a new one and run the business.

Here you can find the best money potential in the willing person for starting a box truck business by offering them your truck for rent and making a lot of money as well.

Provide The Package Delivery Service

This is not a different business idea for a box truck business, it’s similar to mentioned above, but here you will get one benefit.

In this way, you can make the secured and regular money, because, here you are going to provide the regular service to certain customers in your area.

In this type of service, you might have to fall down your rates a very little bit, but it will be still more profitable and regular.

You should offer a package for monthly, half-annual, or annual consistent service to the customers so that they will be associated with you for a very long time.

Offer The Ad Services

This is the best way to make money from the box truck business to generate a massive passive income.

Yes, and it’s a great combination of two box truck business ideas because offering ad services can be carried with another business for box trucks as well.

Every business company does not miss a single place of marketing their business, and the truck is a dynamic platform for them, so they can not miss it anyhow.

You can offer the companies to use the surface of your box truck’s surface to advertise their business by charging some sort of amount on a one-time, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

The other beneficial thing is you can serve your truck to many companies, not just one so that you will be making uncountable money from this business opportunity of a box truck.

Final Words on Box Truck Business Ideas

Box truck business is a six-figure income-making business, you are just one step away to choose the right business idea for it.

Not only in the box truck business, even in any business, but the business idea is also the core of your business, the wrong selection of business field can take you in the wrong selection.

While deciding the business, you are supposed to take care of many things such as your budget, team, skills, timings, area reachability, and many other things.

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