How to Start a Garment Business in India – Best Step-By-Step Guide 2022

If you are looking for how to start a garment business in India with affordable investment, you have landed in the very right place.

Many people think that starting a garment business in India is a very hard thing, and yes, somehow it is.

But if you have the step-by-step guide for the garment business ideas, and how to start a garment business, you can execute a perfect business model of garments.

The garment business industry has a very huge scope for making sales and increasing the GDP of India as well.

Well, the clothing industry has several micro niches for your selection of business, with the three main categories of men’s wear, women’s wear, and kids’ wear.

You can select one or more categories to start the business of garment selling anywhere in India.

Opportunities in Garment Business in India

Before starting any business, we analyze the opportunities and future trends of that business, and it is a good sign of a successful businessman.

India is the second-largest exporter of garments and textile over the world, and more than 45 million people are associated with the garment business in India directly.

Garment and textile industries are contributing around 15% earning of export done from India to other countries.

In this article, we are going to explore how to start a readymade garment business, so let me educate you about the readymade garment business potential of India.

India has exported readymade garments of $12.27 USD from April 2020 to March 2021, and we should not forget that it was the peak time of the corona pandemic.

Why Garment Business is Profitable in India

Checking the profitability of the business is the core reason behind a must before starting it.

So, it is mandatory to know that is starting a garment business in India is profitable or not, and if it is profitable, then why?

The answer is Yes, starting a garment business in India is totally profitable, and there are several reasons behind it.

India is the largest cotton-producing country in the world and that’s why the cost of manufacturing garments is very low compared to other countries.

As a result, the end consumer gets any apparel at an affordable price, and due to this reason, the between sellers can sell the garments easily with good enough profit.

Going ahead, India is the second-largest apparel exporter in the world, and that’s why if you have enough investment, you can build a very successful export business of garments as well.

Anyways, these were the reasons why you should start a garment business in India, now, let’s focus on the center point on how to start garment business in India.

How to Start a Garment Business in India

First of all, you will have to decide a niche of starting a garment business, whether you want to start a garment manufacturing business, or garment retail shop business, or wholesale business, or garment reselling business, or garment export business.

In this article, we are going to explore how to start a retail business of readymade garments in India along with the online selling of garments.

So, there are some very important steps that you should follow to stand up a profitable business model of garments.

I know that you are aware of the process of starting a garment shop like taking a small shop, registering a business name, choosing the proper location, etc.

I will not discuss those points which you already know, but I will enhance your knowledge for starting a successful readymade garment business.

So, let’s explore those most important steps readymade garments business which will make a stable and profitable your garment business ideas.

Select a Niche of Readymade Garment Business

How to start a garment business- a shirt, a kids wear and a saree

Selecting a niche for your readymade garment business is a very first step, and for that you must do deep market research.

You can also select the multiple categories of apparel to sell, but a good recommendation is to pick one niche and expand them with its sub-niches.

For example, you can select either men’s clothes or women’s clothes, or kids’ garments to sell the ready-made garments.

Now, there are many different kinds of garments in each category like, shirts, T-shirts, sari, gowns, shorts, Kurtis, kurtas, jeans, hoodies, and many other products that you can opt for.

If you want to grow your business with multiple categories, then also it’s nice, but first, you should focus on one category, and after making it stable enough, you should go ahead with the next one.

Find a Valid and Consistent Readymade Garment Supplier

Either you have a readymade garment shop or you are doing a garment business from home, it doesn’t matter.

A very first need is that you must have a valid and consistent readymade garment supplier who can make the apparel available on demand.

Mumbai and Delhi are the biggest hubs of wholesale readymade garments from where you can purchase a bulk of clothes at a very low cost, which enables you to resell those clothes at an affordable cost for your customers.

For that you can personally visit the locations, or else you can find them on B2B sites, and make a deal with them to provide you with a lot of the readymade garments on demand.

For your reference, Indiamart and Tradeindia are the most trusted, reputed, and biggest B2B sites in India.

Manage Your Garment Inventory

Managing the garment inventory is one of the most crucial steps for the readymade garments business.

There are many inventory management tools for garment business like Zoho inventory tool, Vyapar app for mobile and pc, CaptianBiz, and many other tools.

If you are not managing the inventory of your readymade garment business, it can create huge chaos for you.

In case of having a big scale business of readymade garments, you would have to hire a dedicated person also to manage the inventory as well.

Pricing For Apparels

Pricing for apparels is quite important, and prices perform a major role in the percentage of the profit.

In the beginning, you need to focus on creating branding instead of generating more revenue.

Now it depends on the type of your business, how much is your expense, you have a retail shop with employees or you are running the business from home.

Covering all aspects, you must take care that you are selling readymade garments at an affordable price for the customers.

If you are running a readymade garment shop then you need to set a little bit high priced for adjusting the other expenses, and it’s quite okay.

But if you are running an online garment selling business from home where you don’t have to adjust any other expense, you should keep the price low or affordable.

Driving Customers For Readymade Garment Selling Business

Font- Customer, and one finger is pointing to the one customer

Here I mean to do proper marketing for your garment business in India if you want to grow it with the ultimate speed.

See, initially, you are not a brand, you will have to make your business brand, and there is one very best way to do so.

The basic fundamental of proper marketing is that you have to advertise your product where your potential audience spends their maximum time.

And in the current duration, there is one place, and that is the Internet.

Now, many people misinterpret this sentence, and they directly start paid marketing on social media.

No doubt, it is also one of the best strategies, but as a beginner, you should not jump directly into paid marketing.

There are several ways where you can promote your readymade garment business and drive thousands of customers with spending and without spending money.

Facebook – Free and Paid Source to Drive Customers

I think I don’t need to mention how many people are using Facebook over India, and how much time they spend, right? You already know!

Now, here you have a great opportunity to build your audience for your readymade online garments business.

First of all, you will have to make your profile strong, so people can consider you a trusted seller of readymade garments.

Then, you will have to post your product on a daily basis with comprehended details and be active on Facebook messenger.

You will not receive many queries in the first 4-5 days, but after a few days, you will get so many queries that you will not be able to handle them single-handed.

Also, don’t forget to share your product details on your story page of Facebook regularly.

Join The Related Facebook Groups

There are several public groups on Facebook for garment selling and buying, and you must join them to grow your online readymade garment business.

Here also, you need to post at least 10 posts per day with a gap of some duration, otherwise, Facebook can ban you also.

You can use one trick that you can publish 3 posts in the morning, 3 posts at noon, and the rest in the evening and night.

Quick Responding

As I mentioned just above, you will have to be active on Facebook messenger, because you are supposed to reply to a prospect instantly or earliest possible as long as you receive any query.

Small habits make a business big and great, so you must not ignore this step.

Once you determine the behavior of the audience majorly, you can go for the paid ads on Facebook which will drive massive customers for your online garments business.

Free Marketing on Instagram

Again, I don’t need to mention how popular Instagram is, right?

Post at least 10-15 posts per day on Instagram, see you will not get the customers from Instagram.

But Instagram is the most popular for brand awareness, you need to link your Facebook page product page on Instagram, where the people will click and will see your products.

Online Ecommerce Sites

amazon and flipkart logo

This is a paid promotion for your online garments business, but the expense tends to be zero.

You need to associate your business with eCommerce sites like Amazon, and Flipkart, and they will promote your products and will drive thousands of customers per day.

Here, you will need to give a minimum commission to the eCommerce sites on each sale that they made for your online garments business.

Whatsapp – Very Potential Source For Garments Business in India

Do you know how many customers you can drive from using Whatsapp only?

If you don’t then you need to read the ahead portion very carefully.

Whatsapp is the messenger which is used the most by the Indian people in India, and it is upgrading its features day by day, do you agree with me?

And, now there are many bots, and automatic message senders have been introduced for Whatsapp along with the Whatsapp for the business version.

You can create a group or broadcast for your customers whom you send updates on a daily basis for new and upcoming products along with the daily offers.

Moreover, you should not avoid taking advantage of the story feature of WhatsApp, and people see the stories of other people either on WhatsApp or Facebook in their free time.

In short, you should not leave a single way to promote your online garment business from where there is at least a 1% chance of getting the customers.

Delivery of Orders

As long as your receive a confirmed order, don’t delay to dispatch the order to the customer, because the service is as important a factor as the quality.

A little bit of delay can create a negative impact on the customer’s mind, and he might think two times before giving you the next order.

In the beginning do not keep approach for full cash on delivery payment, ask for 50% payment advance, and 50% while dispatching or after delivery.

For that, a nice way is that you tie up with some logistics who can pick the ordered items from your commercial location and deliver them to the customer.

Use All Online Payment Methods

In the current time, there are several different online payment applications have been introduced, and it’s not mandatory that each of your customers might be using all the applications.

But as a payment receiver, you must have all online payment applications activated, so that you can receive the payment via an online payment application, and don’t have to spoil a single customer due to the unavailability of money transaction platforms.

Conclusion on How to Start a Garment Business in India

My intent to share this article is not only to show you how to start garment business in India, but I also want to educate you about how to manage the readymade garment business after starting.

Starting a garment business in India is not a big deal, just keeping by the right name, borrowing a shop for rent in the right location, and purchasing some varieties of clothes, you can start a shop of readymade garments anywhere in India, it’s not a big deal.

But, how you should sustain the readymade garments business, and how to manage it with driving the potential customers for it are crucial factors.

And I hope you have a clear direction and ideas on how to manage and grow along with starting a garment business in India.

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