14 Best New Manufacturing Business Ideas With Medium Investment in India

Whenever a person is thinking about starting a business with a good enough amount of investment, first he finds new manufacturing business ideas on Google.

Because manufacturing is the source of any business, without the manufacturing business, trading, online selling, and offline selling business do not exist.

We think that the manufacturing businesses can be started with a high investment only, yes, it’s true, but not a complete fact.

We can start the manufacturing business with a medium investment and low investment as well. It depends on which manufacturing business you are interested in.

If you are thinking that you should have to start any manufacturing business before some years, then you are thinking wrong.

Still, there are a lot of successful opportunities in producing business and you can start now or later on as well, opportunities never stop being generated.

So, let’s explore which kind of manufacturing business ideas in India are waiting for you, and you can build a great business model by initiating with them.

New Manufacturing Business Ideas With Medium Investment in India

For starting the manufacturing business, you have two options. Either you start an already existing business, or else you can start a manufacturing business with a new idea.

It doesn’t mean that you have to find a business idea out of the earth, you should do the same manufacturing business but with a new idea and new concept.

Moreover, this article is focusing on those manufacturing businesses which can be started with medium investment.

It means, that if you have an investment of up to 6 lakh rupees, it is considered a medium investment for establishing the manufacturing business.

So, let’s begin to explore which manufacturing business can be started with a small or medium investment amount!

1. Customized Candle Making Business

Candle-making business is an old and very profitable business idea, but you should keep a different approach and start the candle manufacturing business with a new idea.

You might have seen that many companies offer employees unique things with their identity, like their photo, name, or signature.

You can start the business of making customized candles in which you make the candles according to the customer’s requirement of different designs.

In this business, you will find many customers asking for candles of customized shapes, colors, prints, names, photos, designs, etc…

It will take some time to grow up, and you will have to do the marketing adequately for this business.

Once your few of the products will get viral, you will start earning limitless money. This is one of the most profitable manufacturing business ideas that you should adopt.

2. Energy Drink Manufacturing Business

A boy is drinking energy drink on the way - Best New Manufacturing Business Ideas

Energy drink is the compression of the heavy meal while doing the hardworking stuff like exercise, sports, or nonstop physical work.

The energy drink industry is not well-organized in India, and hence there is very low competition in this business industry.

If you are looking for the best manufacturing business ideas in India, you should conduct more research on the energy drink-making business.

As a bonus tip, focus on influence marketing to grow your business, you can market this business on Instagram and YouTube by the influencer who has a lot of followers or subscribers.

3. Mineral Water Plant

The mineral water plant is a very profitable future manufacturing business in India, as you know, there is a shortage of drinking water in many areas in India.

Before starting the mineral water business, you are supposed to survey the area in which you are going to establish the water plant.

If there is not any shortage of drinking water, you should target another area. The newly established residential areas are the best location for you.

Moreover, gyms, banks, malls, superstores, and shops are the most potential customers for you.

In addition, you also can start to sell the water in plastic bottles with a brand name, it will take some years to become a popular brand.

For example, Kinley and Bilseri!

These were not started on a huge level from the first day, they were started on a very small level, but due to the consistency in working and focusing on customers’ satisfaction, they are a brand today.

4. Coconut Oil Manufacturing

The concept of using oil is very confusing in India, some regional people are using coconut oil in their food, and some are using it as a moisturizer for the body, while some are using it as hair oil.

The demand for coconut oil is very high in India as it is used for multipurpose, and you can start a coconut-making business with a medium investment as well anywhere in India.

Again, there is very low competition in this industry, there are very few manufacturers producing coconut oil for all populations of India.

So, if you start this business, you will get success very soon if you follow the steps properly.

5. Tissue Paper Making Business

Tissue paper making is one of the most futuristic profitable manufacturing business ideas in India.

Yes, it’s true that at the current time, there is not a huge demand for tissue paper in our country, and that is why there is no high competition.

If you start the tissue paper-making business now, it will become very strong and sustainable in a couple of years.

When the demand for tissue papers will increase and other people start manufacturing tissue papers, you would already have established your brand for this item.

Manufacturing of tissue paper business requires a medium range of investment now, and it is a very big plus point and a key reason to start.

Moreover, when your business reaches a certain level and you can manage the finance, you can start the export business of tissue papers to other countries.

6. Mobile Toughened Glass Making Business

mobile toughen business idea

Today’s generation loves their smartphone more than any other thing, do you agree with me?

I think I do not need to explain the demand for mobile toughened glasses in India, as in my opinion, you are already aware of it.

One thing is almost assured that whatever quantity of smartphone toughened you will produce, it will not be lying in your unit for more than two days.

But yes, in this business, you will have to keep yourself updated with the new and upcoming models of smartphones from different companies.

Again, this is one of the most profitable manufacturing business ideas which can be started with very low investment and having more than a 40% profit margin.

Due to not having strong management in this industry, you will not find competition, and if you work consistently and dedicatedly, you can become a brand in a few years only.

7. Automobile Parts Manufacturing Business

People will not stop driving ever, and the requirements for automobile parts will not be stopped ever.

If you have a medium range of investment to start any manufacturing business, making part of the automobile is one of the best medium-scale manufacturing business ideas in India for you.

There is a good enough profit margin in this business, and again, it will take a couple of years to become a fully sustained business.

8. Organic Detergent Manufacturing

There are many ladies in India, who are used to using an only organic detergent for washing clothes due to skin allergy problems.

Moreover, organic detergent is also essential for clothes health along with our health, so there is a huge demand for organic detergent in India.

But you are supposed to start the organic detergent manufacturing business on a small level first.

Do proper marketing and make fixed customers first, and then you can increase the investment to enhance your business.

Instead of covering the national consumers directly, keep a small approach to cover your local audience first.

Once you get the strong trust of your local audience, then it is the right time to upgrade the business on the national or higher domestic level.

9. Crates and carton manufacturing

There is a huge and limitless demand for crates in the import-export business, and the import-export business is one of the most essential factors for every country’s economy.

The making of crates is considered a very profitable small-scale business due to limitless demand.

Whereas cartons are required for the bulk packaging purpose of any product. Mainly the manufacturers and wholesalers use this most.

Moreover, the manufacturing industry is not supposed to stop anytime, in any pandemic, so this is one of the safest manufacturing businesses.

You will require a medium range of investment to start the cartons and crates-making business in India.

10. Natural Beauty Products Making Business

natural beauty products

A huge hike in demand for natural beauty products and herbal products has been noticed for the last some years in the world.

The reason is awareness and consciousness are coming in the people for their skin maintenance.

Nowadays, most people on the planet are preferring chemical-free and herbal products which are good for their skin health.

And definitely, making natural beauty products is a very profitable business, because you are going to solve the problems of people for which they are ready to pay you your amount.

There are many e-commerce sites where you can promote and recommend your products to people, and people are interested to buy them if you give them at affordable rates.

You need to focus more on the quality and it must be chemical-free products that must not be harmful to the skin.

Food Manufacturing Business Ideas

The food industry is very big, and the food business does not mean just opening a restaurant and offering different kinds of foods to the customers, in the food segment, you can start your food manufacturing business as well.

There are plenty of businesses in the food industry, and one of the most beneficial businesses is a food manufacturing business, you may need more investment or medium investment, it depends upon that food business idea.

According to the report, the food manufacturing and food processing business value is Rs. 30,938 Billion INR in 2021, which is a very huge number, and the expected growth of the food manufacturing business at CAGR is around 12% from 2021 to 2026.

So, with reference to this trusted report, we can conclude that the food manufacturing business is a life-changing business idea, and if you are interested in the food segment, then you should think about starting a food processing business at home.

11. Raw Noodles Manufacturing Business

The vendors of Chinese food street stalls and shops are supposed to purchase raw noodles from wholesalers on a daily or weekly basis.

Do you find any problem with this stuff?

I think You don’t!

Because if you would have found any problem in this chain, you would have thought to start the raw noodles-making business.

The Chinese food owners have to purchase the noodles from the wholesaler by visiting their warehouse, and if they ask for delivery, they have to pay the extra cost.

If they pay the extra cost, then either they will have to compromise on quantity, or customer satisfaction, which is not good for the business health.

As a solution, you can start the raw noodles-making business, and start delivering to the small food stall owners by taking the nominal delivery charges.

Here you would be thinking, what is the benefit to your customers if you are following this process, right?

See, in this process, your customers will have to bear the profit margin of the wholesaler, and you will be delivering the goods at nominal and actual charges.

Therefore, here, your customer will feel a massive advantage, and the customer’s advantage and satisfaction are the best vitals for any business’ health.

12. Bakery Items Producing Business

Bakery items are eaten too much over the country and world as well, and it has an extreme profit, Krishijagran states that the average profit margin of bakery business is between Rs 60,000 to Rs 1,20,000 per month.

If you want to start a bakery business, you need a medium range of investment for purchasing the equipment, that you can buy from Amazon, and other B2B sites as well.

You need to focus more on the marketing aspects, first cover the audience of the local market and convert them into customers.

You can widely use social media to gain more and more customers from your homemade bakery items.

The consumption of bakery items is too much in India, people need bread with tea and coffee in the morning while starting a day, and need a sandwich at night while closing the day.

in a nutshell, this business is spread everywhere, whatever you make, there are thousands of people waiting for your products.

13. Chocolate-Making Business

From 5 years to 65 years, all the people love chocolate, there is not any age to taste chocolate, but you can earn lots of money by the fond of the people.

Not only in India, or any specific country, the demand for chocolate is very high in the entire world, and that is why this food business is very profitable for you.

In the beginning, you should start this business at a small level, and as long as you start gaining more customers, you should expand your business.

It needs a medium range of investment that is manageable, and you need to focus on marketing.

Focus on the nearby retailers, give them the offer of more profit margin and approach them to promote your chocolates, it will work very nicely and you will get more consumption.

14. Homemade Cake-Making Business

If you are looking for profitable small food manufacturing business ideas, the homemade cake-making business is the best for you.

Mostly, this business is preferred for women, and especially for the housewives who need to manage their home and want to generate some money by business as well.

It needs very low investment and can build up a great startup, yes, in the beginning, don’t spend too much money on unnecessary equipment.

Starting with a very small, and keep gaining more and more customers, the demand for the home-made cake is more than readymade cakes.

In this food processing business, social media will help you a lot, and you will not have to spend a single rupee for marketing as well.

Final Words on New Manufacturing Business Ideas With Medium Investment in India

In this article, the new business ideas of manufacturing don’t mean that we have to introduce business ideas that don’t exist yet.

The new ideas mean we have to start the already existing businesses, but with the new trend which can add value in your customers’ life.

For example, in the last idea of making noodles, many manufacturers are doing the noodle-making business, but all are following the same and typical process.

But with a different approach, you can make your business revolutionary, and can grab the attention of the other customers as well.

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