Top 10 Best Small Business Ideas in Punjab 2022

Do you think that starting a small business idea in Punjab is not possible for a middle-class common man person? If you think so, then stick to this article, we are going to flush that thought from your mind by revealing the most profitable business ideas in Punjab.

Punjab comes at number 16 in the ranking of GDP of India[Source], and Punjab produces wheat, sugarcane, rice, and dairy products and exports them as well.

For the last two decades, Punjab has been contributing 40% of the production of rice and 50%-60% of the production of wheat.

The people of Punjab are very fond of food and beverages, so if you execute the food business idea, then you can make good profit revenue from it, Being an agricultural state, Punjab is a prosperous state too.

During the Corona Pandemic, the people of Punjab have contributed a lot to the public aid, even today if you go to a gurdwara, you are fed food without returning values.

Today some people want to make their career in business in Punjab, however, they can not conclude about the business due to either a low investment or lack of business idea knowledge.

In today’s blog, we will tell about some new business ideas in Punjab with low investment that you can do easily.

Finding scalable business ideas in Punjab is not a big deal, so let’s come and talk about some such small business ideas in Punjab.

Best Small Business Ideas in Punjab 2022

Small business ideas have a substantial benefit in that they could be executed with a little bit or low investment.

Investment can become a hurdle while executing a great business idea, so in this article, we are going to explore how small business ideas in Punjab can be accomplished with low investment.

1. Food Stall Business

Now you might be thinking that there are already several food stalls in Punjab then how would I be making revenue by establishing extra food stalls too?

Small Business Ideas in Punjab

As you know that many private companies are being established in every state, and development is going on everywhere.

Wherever you will see, work is going on somewhere on the road, so because of this, the demand for food is also increasing. has been People are in search of affordable food that they can get some good and healthy food from somewhere.

Therefore, you can start such a food stall or tiffin servicing business in Punjab. Everyone needs food, by doing this business you can generate good revenue with low investment.

2. Sugar Cane Juice Bottle Business

Best Small Business Ideas in Punjab 2021

You all know that most of our sugarcane comes from Punjab and Kolhapur. If you want to start a small business with low investment, you can opt for a sugarcane juice bottle business.

The best way to execute this business idea is to extract the sugarcane juice and pack it in storage, and you can also make it your brand along with the same stuff.

According to the research, sugarcane can be survived for the 3 months by storing it in the freezer.

Selling it as a retail and wholesale of them will increase your business and revenue as well with proper strategies.

3. Exporting Service Of Clothing

Best Small Business Ideas in Punjab 2021

If you see in Ludhiana Punjab, there is a huge market for clothes along with agriculture.

Mostly you might have seen that a huge manufacturer of garments is found in all these cities of Punjab, Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, and Punjab is also one of them.

If you live in Ludhiyana Punjab, you can establish a potential way to generate revenue by starting an export business clothes.

Due to the big factories of clothes in Ludhiyana, the clothes get become affordable if you buy them in bulk.

Out of Punjab, the clothes are exported all over the country, domestic and international cities, and countries from Ludhiana wholesale market.

Buy clothes directly from the factory and add your profits and sell them at lower prices.

Along with selling clothes in Punjab, sell them out of Punjab because it is in high demand, so you can do good business with it.

Hence, the garment industry is very large in itself, however, you can start the garment reselling business as a side business idea in Punjab.

4. Wedding Planners Business

Best Small Business Ideas in Punjab 2021

The marriage of Punjabi people is world-famous all over the world. Punjabis marry with great pomp.

This is the reason that the population of Punjab hands over the whole event to the wedding organizers instead of hosting themselves, and that’s why I am suggesting this event management business idea in Punjab.

In today’s market, the business of wedding planners is in full swing, I have not seen such a grand wedding due to corona for 2 years, but now corona is decreasing. So you can make it your business.

If you do not know about event planners you can learn this by doing a job in such a wedding planner organization. This wedding planning business is very famous in Ludhiana Chandigarh and Jalandhar.

The advantage in this is that from the business of wedding planning to the arrangement of the hall, small things have to be taken care of, from this you can make huge profit in terms of money.

It’s mandatory to know that all the things are needed, you just have to make contact with all those people, you will buy in bulk, they will also give you a discount on everything, there is a lot of benefit in this short twisting.

You might have seen that movie, Band Baja Baraat, just like that, if you have not seen it, then you will see it once, you will come to know.

5. Cow Dung Cleaning Business With Machine

Best Small Business Ideas in Punjab 2021

In states like Punjab, and Maharashtra, agriculture is still done with bullocks, and milk production is also high in such agricultural states.

It is normal now that the cows and Buffaloes have to be cow dung.

This dung is usually cleaned by their caretakers, but now is the era of the 21st century, instead of doing it yourself, leave the work to the robotic machine.

All you have to do is to make a small investment, get a robotic machine that cleans the dung, and just go out, whoever wants to get their cow’s dung cleaned, you can do their work by charging a reasonable amount from them.

With this, you can do good business now with low investment, and you know how many benefits there are of cow dung, you can collect it and use it as a fertilizer.

6. Sticker Business on all Vehicles in Punjab.

Best Small Business Ideas in Punjab 2021

The population of Punjab is very fond of vehicles as well as they love getting graphics done on bikes, bullets, cars, and trucks, especially farmers who love getting stickers on their tractors.

I am not talking about the professional graphics, the normally printed sticker which is on the front and rear tail light of the truck.

In Punjab, the truck business runs very loudly, what you have to do is that where these trucks are more frequent, they can take some small shop and do the business of printed stickers.

I have seen many such printed sticker shops which do very good business, design different types of stickers, take out their printout, and just start the business.

Whenever you travel through the highway road, you must have seen slogans written on the back of the truck, the number plate has been stickered, and you must have seen many such stickers on the back of the cars as well.

You can do this business in Punjab with low investment money.

7. Sports Products Wholesaling or retailing

Best Small Business Ideas in Punjab 2021

Whenever we talk about sports, most of the athletes are from Punjab and Haryana.

In the recently held Olympics, you must have heard the name of Neeraj Chopra, he was also from Haryana, and the legend Milkha Singh was from Punjab.

The game is mixed in the soil there, year after year some legend emerges from the soil of Jalandhar.

There are a lot of factories manufacturing sports equipment in Jalandhar Punjab, so if you start this retailing business of wholesaling these sports equipment. Then you can generate good worth from it, you can also import and export these products.

Jalandhar is famous for sports products If you want to start a small business but you can also do it through all social media platforms, You can also do online business by purchasing from Jalandhar Sports Market.

These sports pieces of equipment are sold at very good prices.

8. Stationery Business in Punjab

Education can never stop anywhere, it has always been going on and will continue. If studies are going on, then stationery items will also continue to be sold, which will never stop.

If you are living in any village in Punjab and there is a school or college nearby then this can be a stationery store business opportunity in Punjab.

If there is an old person in your house who has retired from the job or any of your sister, wife, or ladies you can set up this business and give it to them.

In big cities like Delhi and Mumbai, you will get stationery items at a good price, if you buy in bulk, then stationary items are such that they will not get spoiled. So that’s one advantage of it.

Keep the goods wholesale and roam around in the market of Punjab, see where are the stationery shops, go and contact them and tell them that you do the business of wholesaling stationery goods, and start selling goods to them.

9. Online Selling Business of Grains on Directly Amazon And Flipkart

Best Small Business Ideas in Punjab 2021

Foodgrains are produced in large quantities in Punjab, what people do is that they sell them directly in the market through a broker.

What happens is that the Commission agent who is there takes the grain from the Farmer at a cheap price and Sells it in the market at a price by doing nothing. The poor Farmer does not get that much price for the grain, Because they do not know how to Start Grain Business online?

Marketers export it at a higher price than that and sell it to online companies. So I want here that if someone is reading this blog and lives in Punjab, then you can try to help the farmers living in Punjab by providing little technical knowledge.

You can help them to sell their goods online. And farmers will also start getting good prices for food grains. If there will be the progress of farmers, then it will be the progress of the country.

10. Start an online Business of leather jackets

Best Small Business Ideas in Punjab 2021

The winter season has started, and it is very cold in the areas of Punjab, Delhi, and Chandigarh.

Therefore, by starting the business of leather jackets in this season, one can generate their side income.

According to the information, the demand for these leather jackets is very high in Gujarat, people here are crazy about leather jackets.

Being a manufacturing company of leather jackets in Ludhiyana, jackets are available at very good prices for wholesaling.

So if you buy leather jackets from Ludhiyana because Ludhianahaseis a winter wear wholesale market so you can purchase from Ludhiana and sell them in other states like Gujarat, and Maharashtra you can generate a seasonal income.

Wherever you buy leather jackets all over India, it is all exported from the leather jacket market of Ludhiana.

You can also earn by taking these jackets to any retail shops or markets.

Final Words on Small Business Ideas in Punjab

Punjab has many opportunities to start a profitable business, but you must choose the business idea in which you are interested, and yes, profitable as well.

In this article, we have shared all the profitable business ideas in Punjab, if you are still missing your preferred one, you should explore more business opportunities.

Punjab is not a tiny state where you will find few numbers of business opportunities, it’s a state having vast opportunities for new businesses.

You also can run an online business that you can manage from anywhere, however, if you are from a village, the above businesses are the best for you.

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