How to Start Online Food Business in India From Home – Best Stepped Guide 2022

The food Business is one of those businesses which never sees the face of a recession period in India, even during the pandemic of Covid, the food business in India has never fallen a minute.

Is this the reason to plan to execute the food business ideas in India? No, not only this reason but there are also many reasons which state that the business of food is a profitable and scalable business idea in India.

You have read the phrase online food business ideas in India, but in actuality, the food business is not an online business, but you can enhance the food business by carrying it online.

So, the moral of the story is that the Food business is an offline business in itself, but you can widen it by a combination of online strategies and offline business.

In this article, you will come to know all aspects of the online food business in India, how can you start online food business in India, what should you have, what you need to avoid, how can you brand your business, and the rest everything you are going to know.

How to Start Online Food Business Ideas in India

How to Start Online Food Business in India

There are multiple ways to start a food business online in India, if you are thinking that you must have a restaurant to start an online business of food, then let me share that it’s wrong.

Even without a restaurant, you can execute the business idea of online food selling in India.

The potential of the Food Business is growing day by day, and especially during and partially after the covid pandemic, the online food business has been growing with the ultimate speed in India.

You have two ways to start an online food delivery business, one is that you can start your own business of food delivery by your management, and the second one is that you can do partnership with online food delivery companies like Swiggy and Zomato.

Both are beneficial at all, by management, by revenue, by providing services and quality, you can choose any of them, but according to my opinion, the second one is better.

By doing the partnership with online food delivery companies, you hand over the service responsibilities to them, so customers can never blame you for the bad service.

Hence, you are supposed to take care that you are handing over the food parcel to the delivery person on time.

Select The Niche of Food Business

Before starting an online food business, you must be clear about what you want to sell to the people around your area.

Either you want to serve vegetarian food or non-veg food, and either of them, which category of you want to serve.

The selection of a category of food is quite mandatory before starting a food business online delivery because people will never compromise on the service and quality of the food.

Suppose you started the business of South Indian food, but there are very few people in your area who like South Indian food, then will your business be scalable?

Definitely No!

Because you are starting the business of non-demandable products, and the business of non-demandable products can not survive longer.

The business idea of online food delivery is quite easy if you follow the strategies which make you succeed.

Register Your Online Food Business – Online Food Business License

Get your food online business registered with the government by getting the FSSAI License which proves that the quality of your food is the best and non-harmful for your health.

The Full Form of FSSAI is the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

Some years it was a too lengthy process to get your business registered with FSSAI, but nowadays, you can apply online, and the team of FSSAI will come to your location and will bring the samples with them.

After checking and passing your sample from their certain parameters, they will approve the quality of your food, then you will be able to tie up with the online food delivery partners.

One more suggestion I wish to give you is that you should register your business as a company as well, which will protect your business from copying by someone.

The reason behind this approach is that when your brand will become popular, many people will use your brand name to grow their business and due to not having pattern registration, you will not be able to take any action against them.

Select The Proper Location For Dispatching The Food

You would be thinking that if you are not supposed to cover the walk-in customers for your business then why should you focus on the location, right?

It’s not mandatory to choose the best location for the online food delivery business, but if you can do so, it will add more benefits to your business.

You should try to provide more ease of collecting the food parcels to the delivery boys, which is a small attribute of business but impact a lot.

And if you can not afford the rent of picking a high location for the serving, you can do it from anywhere, it’s suggested, not mandatory.

Concentrate on the Quality And Quantity Of Food

Food Packets

Quality and Service are the main two pillars of any business, instead of quantity, you are supposed to focus on the taste and quality of the food.

If you are aware of the nature of the India Population, they can never tolerate compromise in the food.

You will be marketing your business in the traditional ways, but this business idea contains the mouth to mouth marketing the most, so you must focus on the quality of your food.

Packaging Method

Before dispatching the food parcel for delivery, make sure that the food packet has been packed perfectly, and not leaking from anywhere otherwise, it will create a negative impact on your online food delivery business.

Use the better quality materials for packaging which creates the first impression, uses aluminum foils, good quality tin or plastic tin, and seal them from each side of the tin, customer should feel the good service provided by you.

Tie Up With Food Delivery Partners/Organizations

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article you are having two ways to start an online food delivery business in India.

One is that you set up the whole process from making food to delivery, and the second one is that you just make the food and make the food delivered to the customer by the online food delivery companies.

The second option is better for you because you will have to concentrate on fewer aspects and the ultimate goal of the business of online food delivery is to deliver the food to the customer’s doorstep, right?

So, when we can get our goal accomplished by sharing the minimal revenue with food delivery partners, then why should we take a big headache?

I recommend you to tie up with multiple food delivery partners like Swiggy, Zomato, Food Panda, and other available food delivery partners in your area who will be delivering the food to your customers on your behalf.

In the reward of this task, they will be charging some percentage of the amount which is around 15% – 25%, which varies and depends on the terms and conditions of that food delivery partner company.

Rate Aspects

Many business startups do the biggest mistake here which I want to prevent you, they do two types of mistakes.

One: They keep the rate of food too low that customers can not believe that they are getting such good quality at this kind of cheaper price, and they doubt on quality and skip them from the application.

Two: They offer a very high rate by assuming that if we keep the rate high, customers will trust the quality, but it’s not true.

Indian public always looks for the best quality at an affordable rate (not at a cheaper rate), so they compare your product and rate with others that are already used by them.

So, you have to keep attention that your rate is neither too high nor too low, it must be affordable, and according to the quality and quantity of the product.

It must not exceed the expectation of the customer and also not be short to fulfil the same.

How to Start Online Food Business From Home in India

Starting an online food business in India does not require any dedicated space for registering and running the food business online in India.

Yes, you can also manage the delivery of food from your home as well, you can mark your residential address as the pickup address, and the food delivery boy will pick up the parcel from your home as well.

When I was doing a job in swiggy in 2019, many food providers were supplying food parcels from their homes and I was picking up the order from their homes also.

The entire process is the same to start an online food delivery business from home, just the change of location happens here, but yes, you must be certified with FSSAI, it’s mandatory.

And, nowadays, after the covid pandemic, many people are running the online food business from home and they are earning to good amount as well.

The online food business in India is going to get too much growth in the upcoming future time, if you are still thinking and you are interested, then you should not waste the time just thinking, making planning, and starting to execute it.

Hire a Chafe For Food Making

If you are doing an online food business either from the home or from the dedicated space, try to avoid the approach of making the food yourself for your customers.

Because the Indian Population wants the tempering taste instead of homemade, yes, many people prefer homemade food instead of making food in restaurants and hotels.

Here, you have to identify your customers about what they like and what they do not.

If possible, hire a chafe making the food who is an expert in it, for example, if you are running a business delivering Chinese food, then hire a chafe who is an expert to make Chinese recipes.

Do The Proper Marketing For Online Food Business

Only in the initial period of your online food delivery business, you will have to do marketing for your business, as long as you will be serving the best quality, people will market your business from their end.

For marketing, you should apply the new ways of digital marketing instead of old traditional marketing ways, like printing ads in the newspapers, sticking banners, etc…

Use digital marketing like Facebook ads, google ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, etc…

Do Not Delay In Dispatch – Complete The Order

It has been observed many times that if the customer does not get the delivery on time, a very a few moments later than expected time, he or she just canceled the order immediately, which will be the cause of the loss.

So, make sure that you are dispatching the orders on time or before time, once you mark the order as completed, if the delivery boy makes the late delivery, you are not responsible for that delay, and you will get the full payment of that order as well.

Final Words on Starting an Online Food Business

Starting a food delivery business online in India is not a big deal after certain changes in rules, and if you are good at business, you can start this business with a very low investment.

The online food delivery business is not restricted by location, it can be started in any location in India anywhere because food is a must for survival.

According to my experience, people test multiple tastes before deciding on the one supplier for their regular orders, so you are supposed to provide satisfaction to the customer in every aspect.

The Indian people are very well-known for negotiation, but in the matter of food, they never do that and they are ready to pay extra if they are getting the desired food, I hope you are already aware of this truth, right?

Focus on Quality and Service, because both pillars will bring the business for you, if you are providing more quantity, but your food has no taste, then no one will be approached for repetition, and your business will not be get scaled.

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